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Learning to operate a digital product

Things worth noting down.

In the past two weeks, I've been trying very hard on the marketing strategy adoption for our newborn platform "Dadafish". It's basically to solve the market place chicken and egg problem in a more cost-efficient manner.

We start from the teacher acquisition:
Location based Door to Door marketing(visit physical store based on locations). Vertical domain marketing approach(research 2-3 subdomains and find the relevant hosts to host classes on Dadafish) So far, we've got quite a number of classes ongoing, ranging from arts/crafts, language, cooking, sports. For the time being, we focus a lot on language and arts/crafts. Classes coming in the next few weeks:

1. Classes conducted this week:
Japanese writing class Chinese class for complete beginnersFlower arrangement class
2. Class conducting next week:

Japanese writing classFrench language exchange for complete beginners(3 groups)French language exchange for immediate level(1 group)Chinese langu…