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New Year Resolution

A lot of things happened in the year 2014.  A lot of people to thank to, also a lot of people to apologise to... Thanks to ViSenze who gives me various chances to learn different skills. I worked out my first java project with highly professional team members.  I learnt how to translate business requirements into user cases, how to initiate execution plans and prioritise, how to design a system in a more elegant manner, how to code java properly, Spring, Akka, Unit test, Angular.js, etc.  I worked out the first version of iOS sdk based on the Java sdk and Faceplusplus iOS sdk .  I worked out a demo site based on the PHP sdk and fixed a few bugs in the PHP sdk. I learnt to be more careful implementing front end CSS and HTML and be a more detailed person. Thanks to all the helpful people in the company who would like to share their knowledge and expertise, especially to Guangda who helped point out my problems straightforwardly no matter how naughty I am, to Dejun who helped gu