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On 2020

It was a tough year in 2019.  Lots of pains and quite a number of gains. I did see some good signs of improvements in Jan 2020, and I am expecting a much better year for 2020. Step 1:  List down the best things of the past year. 1. Fooyo won several awards for our tourism digitalization products, especially the products targetting Chinese outbound tourists in-destination experience enhancements  on the WeChat platform. We are on the right path to dig out the business models of making it a scalable B2B2C business/product. WeChat Developer Challenge  August 2019 @ Singapore  December 2019 @ Berlin, Germany We have successfully created several tourism digitalization solutions such as Mini Destination/Attraction, Mini Mall, and Mini Hotel, and we are now one of the first batch WeChat Certified Service Providers(5 global teams only outside China).  There are also other awards that help Fooyo expose our businesses in the global market. Hack Osaka  ( Bronze Pri

2019 New Year Resolution

It was a fruitful year in 2018. I really feel thankful for what I and my team have achieved so far. However, the coming year of 2019 will be more challenging, I have already mentally prepared for it. Step 1:  List down the best things of the past year. 1. My wedding was blessed at the witness of parents from both sides. It was the most important event of the year. My wife successfully found a job and our family started to settle down here in Singapore. 2. Fooyo has some progresses in the China market. We exhibited in the Smart China Expo in Chongqing and we are setting up a JV with the Chongqing Tourism Investment Group. It'll likely be a tough journey ahead, we are gracious for what we have achieved so far.  3. Our apartment luckily went through the en-bloc process and my family received quite some investment returns. We bought another new property near the city center. It was lucky. Step 2:  Gracious about things which happened. 1. Thanks to all those who h