Friday, 6 January 2017

2017 New Year Resolution

Read a post on FB, and I listed down my new year resolution as follows in different categories:
  1. Business
    1. Fooyo Sales 300k from me
    2. Fooyo China setup
    3. Skoolight 100 schools + seeds/pre-A stage
  2. Personal life
    1. Family: 1-2 milk packs/month, visit 1-2 times/year, ask them to visit SG or other places of interests
    2. Romance: Consolidate my relationships, propose/marriage in 2 years.
  3. Health&fitness
    1. 70-75kg by end of the year. 0.5-1kg/month
    2. Swimming as a habit(2-3 times/week)
  4. Fun
    1. Visit 5-7 countries/biz trip mostly
    2. Personal trip with GF for 2-3 places
  5. Skill building
    1. Get a driving licence in SG and convert to China
    2. Learn Japanese(biz communication level)
    3. Digital marketing/adtech skills
    4. Read 5-10 booksMind)
Hope the plans do come true.

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