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2018 New Year Resolution

This year, let me try to draft the new year resolution based on the Willpower Instinct:

Step 1: List down the best things of the past year.

1. I proposed to my fiancee when she and her mum visited Singapore in July. We were then registered as officially married on her birthday on 28th Nov in Beijing.

It was really the most important event of my life so far. After years' of long distance relationship, we finally made it. Though it will still take her another half year before coming to Singapore, we were both thankful that we really made it.

2. I bought my own apartment. It was a tough process to look for properties. I was so happy when I received the keys. Before that, I shared with my bedroom with my room mates for 3+ years.

3. Fooyo's sales was quite satisfying. We has two big customers, one in the Tourism Industry and another in the Logistics Industry. The products we produced were pretty pioneering and beneficial to the industry. 

4. Fooyo successfully settled our office in Chengdu with very good programmers joining the team. What's happier is that our cofounders all got their relationships settled and bought their apartments. I'm really thankful that we all work hard and make the company survive and grow.

Step 2: Gracious about things which happened.

1. Thanks to all those who helped my wife and I who finally made the impossibility possible. 
  • My wife who trusted me all along the way even if we go through hardships and suffer from the long distances. 
  • My cofounders who help taking care of the business together in hard times and make it possible financially for me to commit for marriage.
  • Friends in Beijing who gave us chances to meet up more regularly through business or personal trips.
  • My professors in Singapore(Prof Tung and Prof Ben) who brings me to the world of IT.
  • Friends who blessed and helped us in all aspects. 
Will give a big thanks to you all during the wedding. Thanks a lot!

2. Thanks to all the customers and partners who trusted our tech capabilities and make Fooyo who we are today. List without specific orders:
  • Minitheory
  • Sentosa
  • IMDA
  • Chartdesk
  • Cynthia
  • Taida
  • Nibble
  • Wanmen
  • JLL
  • Konica
  • ...
Step 3: 5 things I'd like to make it happen next year.

1. Settle down the job for my wife in Singapore. Settle down the new apartment(the current one will get en bloc). And help her adapt to the life here in SG.
2. I hope that I will really make my body slim and fit. Instead of once a week's swimming, I can really make it for 2-3 times.
3. Will have to organise our Wedding and the Wedding dinner. It's may not be an enjoyable experience to organise, but hopefully it will turn out to be good at the moment.
4. Be able to enter China's smart solution market. Receive 1-2 China projects which have good columns and budgets.
5. Read more good books and do practise programming.

Step 4: Envision myself in next new year.

Be a good husband. 
My wife will find it comfortable and safe to stay in Singapore.
My parents and my wife's parents will find her settlement in Singapore a smooth and not-so-painful journey. And we will have a family trip by end of the year.
Be good in my job.
Still be able to still catch up with coding.
Will be fit and slimmer.

Step 5:

Social/higher goals than your personal goals.

This is a hard question. I think a lot to myself in the past. Now I have a family to care. In terms of social aspects, I hope what I've been contributing with my talents as a technology consultant will benefit the society. Not only for Singapore and China, but also more cities and more people.

Appendix:  Last year's resolution.

Looking back to last year's resolution, they were not finished perfectly.
  1. Business
    1. Fooyo Sales 300k from me (done)
    2. Fooyo China setup (done)
    3. Skoolight 100 schools + seeds/pre-A stage (fail)
  2. Personal life
    1. Family: 1-2 milk packs/month(not always), visit 1-2 times/year, ask them to visit SG or other places of interests (done)
    2. Romance: Consolidate my relationships, propose/marriage in 2 years(done)
    1. Health&fitness
      1. 70-75kg by end of the year. 0.5-1kg/month (fail)
      2. Swimming as a habit(2-3 times/week) (almost)
    2. Fun
      1. Visit 5-7 countries/biz trip mostly (mostly done)
      2. Personal trip with GF for 2-3 places (done)
    3. Skill building
      1. Get a driving licence in SG and convert to China (almost)
      2. Learn Japanese(biz communication level) (very basic level)
      3. Digital marketing/adtech skills (basic level done)
      4. Read 5-10 booksMind) (not that many)
    Let me do some analytics on the items which are not completely done.
    There are three categories:

    1. Fail: 
    Skoolight: It was overly optimistic on the speed of acquisition.
    Weight: It was not enforced strictly in terms of food and sports.

    2. Partially(<=50%):
    Family milk packs: it may not be very necessary from parents' reactions. 
    5-7 countries: there is no need to visit that many countries as the business is more clear to focus on 1-2 countries.
    Learn Japanese: the level was not defined right initially.
    5-7 books: Wasn't enforced. My reading habit wasn't formed.

    3. Almost:
    Swimming: I do swimming at least 1 time/week, but not really strictly 2-3 times/week. 
    Driving license: will be going through another test soon. Over estimated the pass rate in the beginning.

    They can be finished. Just need some more time.

    In summary, there are still four items which I would like to carry on for this new year. The rest will need to be rethought. 


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