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2019 New Year Resolution

It was a fruitful year in 2018. I really feel thankful for what I and my team have achieved so far. However, the coming year of 2019 will be more challenging, I have already mentally prepared for it.

Step 1: List down the best things of the past year.

1. My wedding was blessed at the witness of parents from both sides. It was the most important event of the year. My wife successfully found a job and our family started to settle down here in Singapore.

2. Fooyo has some progresses in the China market. We exhibited in the Smart China Expo in Chongqing and we are setting up a JV with the Chongqing Tourism Investment Group. It'll likely be a tough journey ahead, we are gracious for what we have achieved so far. 

3. Our apartment luckily went through the en-bloc process and my family received quite some investment returns. We bought another new property near the city center. It was lucky.

Step 2: Gracious about things which happened.

1. Thanks to all those who helped my small family settle down in SG.

Blessing to all the friends and teachers who helped us along the way.

2. Thanks to the officers who helped us open the markets in China. It was not easy. The IMDA officers really helped us a lot. Without them, it's impossible for us to land in China.

Most thanks to Ken, who is so kind hearted and professional. He is the man who make it possible for Singapore companies to collaborate with the Chinese partners.

So as to other colleagues in IMDA/ESG/MTI/etc. They take integrity seriously and make the SG governance a really good name even in the complicated society of China.

Step 3: 5 things I'd like to make it happen next year.

1. Setup a sweet home in SG.
2. Make the Chongqing JV work(team formed, fund raised, and product-market fit works, good publicities in the Singapore-China project)
3. Work deeply on the tourism digitalisation market in Singapore. Make our tourism digitalisation department profitable in Singapore.
4. Explore markets in Japan and probably Indonesian/Thailand market. Form potential partnerships with 1-2 overseas companies in each market.
5. Get better looking, a slimmer body. I've tried to make it work for 2 years, hope it really can become reality this coming year.

Step 4: Envision myself in next new year.

Stronger leadership skills, get more trustful by team members.
Good presentation skills in Chinese.
Polished skills in organisation and project management.
Fair presentation skills in English.

Step 5:

Social/higher goals than your personal goals.

A better husband, a better family man, a better leader, a trustful partner, a better presenter/fund raiser, a good business man who know how to make money.

Be an inspiring leader to more entrepreneurs/students in Singapore, China, and SEA.


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